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Mini Bus

Mini Bus

(For illustration purposes only)

The Area has a wheelchair accessible Ford Transit Mini Bus, that can be driven on a standard car licence (Category B).
The wheelchair conversion has reduced the number of seats from 17 to 13, however we are hopeful that we can reinstate 2, taking the number of seats to 15.

Maintenance charges are as follows:

  • £30 half days (Morning or Afternoon)
  • £60 full day
  • £20 evening (5pm onwards)

When booking, driver details will be required. Parking or speeding tickets will be passed on to the driver.

The bus cannot be used for hire or reward. You must not charge for its use or be paid for driving the vehicle.

The vehicle is to be returned with the same or more fuel than when you collected it. No payment will be made for any additional fuel the vehicle is returned with.

Any damage to the vehicle must be reported immediately.

Any fines incurred during the hire period will be charged to the organisation responsible for the loan period.

In the event of the vehicle being damaged and an insurance claim being made on our policy, the organisation responsible for the hire period will be charged any excess charge incurred by us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can hire the minibus?

Scouts can hire the minibus. Priority will be given to Glam West Groups and other organisations but people outside Glam West are also welcome.

What can the minibus be used it for?

Any Scout event or purpose. The insurance does not cover non-Scout use.

Who can drive the minibus?

Anyone over 25 with a Full driving licence. You do not need a D1 endorsement on your licence. We also require you to hold no more than 6 points on your licence.

Is there a driving test?

No, but your driver or drivers should be competent and comfortable in drive a minibus.

Are there any other requirements?

You must bring the minibus back on-time, clean, tidy and full of diesel. Failure to do so could result in a future booking being declined.

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